What is NIA?

NIA stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. NIA is fusion fitness class that combines the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. This exercise is done barefoot and encourages sensing your body and staying aware while moving. The class flows from a warm-up to a high-energy phase and ends with a healing cool-down with stretches all done to soul-stirring eclectic music. The result is you have spent an hour moving every part of your body, exercising your heart, and feeling wonderful.

A message from Rebecca regarding NIA

dancing After exploring many different movement forms in my young adult life, I found Nia a few years ago here in Baltimore. NIA is a lovely combination of many of the arts I have studied over the years including Tai Chi, Yoga, Feldenchrist, Alexander Technique, Modern Dance, Jazz, and more. The beauty of NIA is that it offers ways for “everyBody” to move. It is a great low impact workout that offers openings and healing that go deeper than any other exercise form I have experienced. All of that with the addition of just being so much fun! It is a joyful way to sweat and breathe and be in a community.

Movement in general has been a big part of my life. When I was younger, I felt I struggled with expressing myself through words. Movement has always been a place of healing and expression for me. I find that my understanding of the energy of the meridians found in acupuncture marry beautifully with the movement of NIA.

The energy of the 5 Elements I work with within the body are expressed through different music, different movements, and different expressions. I find my passion for acupuncture and NIA are two ways that I can offer healing to others.